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'TIGERS' - Another absolute favorite of mine are the 'Tiger' amazons. The tiger trait is awesome with the animal being striped from head to tail kind of like a super tiger reticulated python! They were first proven dominant by Danny Mendez years ago when he bred an imported garden phase tiger female with a yellow phase male and he got approximately 50% tigers that were both garden and yellow phase! I was lucky enough to obtain a yearling yellow phase male from Danny a few years ago and he has turned into a wonderful animal that I call 'Hobbes' is a picture of him.

I also got this female tiger as a baby  from Danny and she is doing great! As of the spring of '07 (March 26th POS) she is currently gravid. Here she is.

On august 23rd 2005 I produced my first litter of amazons and was lucky enough to get two beautiful tigers...a garden phase and beautiful yellow animal! Both are doing great and are feasting weekly! Here is the garden phase male as a baby, and below, a beautiful animal that is actually now breeding as of the winter/spring of '07.

Here is the yellow male from August of '05, also breeding size and copulating this season...


This '07 season I have a gravid female tiger (pictured above). She was bred by both Hobbes, my original male tiger, and the garden phase tiger male also above. This will be very exciting because it's the first breeding of it's kind where two tigers have been bred together. I have my fingers crossed for more baby tigers and maybe something even a bit different...