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Shipping Terms


Ghi Reptiles ships by airline via Delta exclusively. Air cargo professionals provide the greatest amount of safety and least stress for the animals. Live arrival is guaranteed under the following conditions: 1- Temperatures must be within 40 degrees F and 90 degrees F along the entire shipping route. 2 - Buyer or authorized agent must pick up the shipment within 4 hours of arrival and examine the animals immediately.

I can ship any day of the week weather permitting. I will attempt to ship at your convenience and work with your schedule. Typically I ship during the warmer daytime hours in winter and at night for summer shipments to avoid heat stress. Air waybill information will be sent via email or phone for tracking purposes prior to shipping or immediately after. All animals are shipped in insulated boxes designed for live cargo and with all necessary heat or cold packs.

Upon receipt of your shipment, the contents should be examined immediately and at the airport. In the unlikely event of a shipping problem resulting in damage or mortality, the following steps should be taken: 1 - Alert the shipping agent immediately and obtain a statement/signature of their inspection and verification of the problem. 2 - Contact me immediately and describe the nature of the problem. 3 - Do not destroy or dispose of any deceased animals without my approval. I reserve the right to require verification through time-stamped and dated photography, veterinary or shipping agent statement, or to have the deceased animal returned to me at my expense to potentially qualify for replacement or refund.

My primary concern is for the safety of my animals and the satisfactory delivery of your purchase to your nearest airport.



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