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The 'Color Change'...

Also called 'ontogenesis', this is the transformation stage that a basin goes through usually within the last half of the first year of life. The baby that is displayed in this section was born on July 5th 2005 so check out the dates corresponding with the individual pictures.

The basins are usually born solid orange with some white markings:

July 21st 2005

After about 3 months, orange scales around the stripe start turning a peach color:

October 14th 2005

At a little over 4 months more peach scales are appearing:

November 15th 2005

At just over 5 months old this little guy has even more white showing up and the peach scales are now starting to turn white:

December 12th 2005

At a little over 6 1/2 months old this orange baby is starting to go through his color change and is in what we call either the 'ugly' or 'moldy' stage. From the picture above to this one was a mere 5 1/2 weeks:

January 23rd 2006

The transformation from orange to green is fairly quick once the change really gets going:

January 29th 2006

At 7 months of age and almost green now, this orange baby takes on a completely different look:

February 7th 2006

After a short 8 months of life, this baby has gone through quite a change! He has gone from an orange emerald with nice white markings to a beautiful green emerald with some pretty intense white on him:

March 4th 2006

July 18th 2006


I hope you have enjoyed watching this little guy change as much as I did and this is only a part of what makes these incredible animals so special to myself and other collectors of Amazon Basin Emeralds...




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