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The 'Ghi' Amazons

There are many different phases of amazon tree boas and I am working with a few different types of them. Below is a brief description of some of the amazons in the Ghi collection.

- Originating here at Ghi Reptiles, these are with out a doubt some of my favorite amazons! I have a great collection of what I call 'Red Hots' and these are animals that for the most part are solid red. Included in the collection are calico red hots (red hots with white flecking like the male below) and in my opinion they still qualify. Here are a few of them.

This pair below produced some amazing offspring in '06 including the first red and white banded 'Red Hot'.


This large girl below produced some amazing animals in '06 also including two red and white banded animals!


'TIGERS' - Another absolute favorite of mine are the 'Tiger' amazons. The tiger trait is awesome with the animal being striped from head to tail kind of like a super tiger reticulated python! They were first proven dominant by Danny Mendez years ago when he bred an imported garden phase tiger female with a yellow phase male and he got approximately 50% tigers that were both garden and yellow phase! I was lucky enough to obtain a yearling yellow phase male from Danny a few years ago and he has turned into a wonderful animal that I call 'Hobbes'...here is a picture of him.

I also got a female tiger amazon from Danny last year and she is doing great! At about 4 feet long now she should be ready to breed in the fall of 2006. Here she is.

On august 23rd 2005 I produced my first litter of amazons and was lucky enough to get two beautiful tigers...a garden phase and the first patternless tiger ever produced! Both are doing great and are feasting weekly! Here are a couple of pictures of the two.

This '06 season I produced two more litters of Tigers and wasn't disappointed at all with the results. Here are a couple of the animals!


'CANDYCANES' - What else can you say but these are stunning amazons! These were first produced three years ago and I own 1.2 out of the original 7 animals. 1.1 are 'Calico' candycanes and the second female is the most intensely yellow colored amazon I have ever seen! Here are some pictures of my trio.


Here's my latest addition to the candycanes! This is a male that will now be with his siblings here at Ghi Reptiles.

So there you have it...a small selection of the Ghi Amazon collection!




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